Career Management for Leaders
Executives, managers and business owners know the critical importance of strategic planning for their organizations. How many make the same commitment to think strategically about their careers? This presentation is for business professionals at any stage of the careers – whether undergoing an employment transition, interested in internal career development or desiring to make a significant career change.

If I'm So Smart, Why Is My Career Such a Mess?
In college, major career decisions must be made with little life experience. After completing college many take the best or the only jobs offered and embark on an unplanned, inadequately researched “potluck” career path. As these individuals reach their mid thirties they often experience a “sense of quiet desperation”. This program is a hands-on workshop on how to help these individuals identify and land more fulfilling careers and positions.
Looking for a Speaker?
Career Management Topics Presented by John Hall
Presentations are available free of charge to
Orange County professional associations and non profits.
They are typically 30 to 60 minutes.

For more information contact John Hall: (949) 387-2004
Emotional Intelligence: The Soft Skills of Top Level Success
There is very little relationship between a high GPA and business success. Still more surprising, there is very little relationship between an MBA, even from a top tier school, and business success. Bottom line: the best predictor of business success is Emotional Intelligence. This presentation discusses the five critical factors that comprise Emotional Intelligence and how to use them to advance in a business career.

CEO of Me: Branding Your Career In the Global Economy
In todays world of downsizing, right sizing, off shore manufacturing, with jobs going to India, China and who knows where else, we are all entrepreneurs. In this environment long term business success depends on developing a high profile in your function and industry communities. This presentation presents several strategies to "Brand" yourself in your professional community.